Our mission is to unleash the full potential of ourselves, others, and the world by mastering our inner selves, bringing magic into our communities, and always striving to change our world for the better.

Unleashing full potential

To the ancient Greeks, Chaos was a primordial god of vast emptiness. In it was the potential to be filled.  Creation began when its potential started to take shape. We hold that everything has a similar potential. It can become a thing of power and change in the world. Indeed, the world itself has this same potential that we can help foster and realize.

Mastering our inner selves

This process begins through introspection and correction. We each of us accumulates negative and positive experiences and ideas that we internalize. These in turn give shape and scope to our ego, the outward projection of ourselves. We work to strip away the unhealthy binds developed over the course of our lives. We must first be free before we affect the changes we desire.

Bringing magic

Magic is the art of transmuting potential into action. The magician is at his core an agent of change. We bring that change into our communities through ritual, service, and spiritual counselling. By helping others move out of a state of distress and into a state of safety, or satisfaction, or success, we increase the potential for positive change.

Striving to change the world

One of our beliefs is that we have a duty to leave the world in a better state than that in which we found it. After improving ourselves and others, improving the world has already been achieved. All that remains are small actions of conscience to continue the change into a better world.