Belief is a tool.

All beliefs are false, but ideas can be true. We choose what to believe based on its utility at any given time. God or gods, spirit or material, meaning and value; for the magician these things are useful and can be applied to any situation that presents itself.

Reality is malleable.

Reality is an incredibly complex system of variables that we observe causally. While the observer may be the ultimate arbiter of reality, the magician manipulates the variables in order to rig the system in their favor in accordance with their will.

Self-mastery is our sacred task.

Know thyself was the oracle’s charge. In order to know one’s true will, one must first know oneself. A house divided cannot stand, so a will unfounded cannot be realized.

There is something essential and eternal in every conscious creature.

We do not fear Death. Rather, we greet it as a friend whose visit has been long anticipated. We do not rush toward it, knowing that Death will find us in its time.

Our physical bodies are gifts to be celebrated.

False moralities are born out of a spirit/matter duality. Such systems are inherently flawed; reality is singular. We value the physical as well as the spiritual as one human experience.

We allow nothing to stop us from achieving our desire.

Obstacles of many kinds will present themselves. The magician’s will overcomes them all.

Knowledge is power.

The more one knows and understands the variables of reality, the more one is equipped to change reality. The pursuit of knowledge is the pursuit of power. There is no forbidden knowledge.

We have a duty to leave the world in a better state than that in which we found it.

The closest we come to a moral pronouncement is that the world should be improved by our actions. We cannot say do no harm, nor can we admonish destruction. Both of these have their place in nature. Rather we will say that out of a self-interested desire for life to continue, we will always try to make things better.

We each have the power to control our destiny.

Every person is their own sovereign. Every seeker, a Pope. Every magician, a god.